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 Name: Christopher L. DeLisle

Major: DeLisle Outdoor Recreation Business Administration (ORBA)

Hobbies/Clubs: Skydiving, Whitewater Rafting, Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Writing, Adventure, Journalism Club, and the Farmington Outing Club.

After almost losing my life on February 13th, 2015, Friday the 13th, a new desire was lit within: a desire for adventure. Upon waking up from a coma, I started living life in a new way: the way I wanted it to go. Going out on a whim I became a Whitewater Rafting Guide, having never been rafting before, and spent the summer living in a tent in the incredibly unique setting of The Forks, Maine. It was here that I met someone who convinced me to apply and enroll at UMF to study ORBA. The next summer was spent again living in a tent, only this time it was on the grounds of Skydive New England, where I spent the summer working to complete an internship and acquire my USPA license. As my time dwindles down here at UMF, I have my eyes set firmly on the future. The future is and always will be very unclear, but I am certain that mine will involve combining my love for travel and the outdoors, the skills I have learned here at UMF, and my talent for writing to help share intriguing stories from people and places all around the world.


Name: Dave Tschirch

Being born in South Eastern Massachusetts and having a strong desire to be involved in outdoor activities creates some of its own difficulties. Of course, there are opportunities to go hunting, fishing, and skiing but it is limited due to the lake of space and size of the local population. One outdoor hobby that has always intrigued me was Bird hunting with dogs. However, one very important ingredient to have successful Bird dog training is much acreage to utilize because those dogs need space to run. So naturally I searched for more land and I found that in Maine. Every summer since I was fourteen I worked with a professional bird dog trainer. One summer we had a total of 47 dogs. I  never had much desire to go to college, however, when I learned about O.R.B.A. I knew I found my niche. Writing is something I also hold dear and I know for a fact that more people need to know the ins and outs of the O.R.B.A. program and the dog training world. I am going to discuss that here.

Major: Outdoor Recreation & Business Administration (ORBA)


Name: Jessica

Major: Outdoor Recreation & Business Administration (ORBA)

Hobbies/Clubs:  Farmington Outing Club, snowshoeing, hiking, camping, rafting, and kayaking.

As a transfer student to UMF I really found my place in the Outdoor Recreation major. I have lived in Maine my whole life and I love being outside no matter the season. When I’m not in the classroom I am usually outside with friends hiking and camping or with my dogs taking scenic walks through the Maine woods. UMF has allowed me to combine my love of nature and the outdoors with my passion for business. The Farmington community has given me so many opportunities and I am excited to be able to highlight what makes Farmington so great.