5 Steps To Create Great Recreational Tourism Experiences

In this article, I will be discussing a few steps on how to ensure great experiences regarding recreational tourism in the state of Maine. These steps will be straightforward and easy to follow. However, many people miss these small details that truly make all the difference in the end to create lifetime customers.

1: Treat them like Family


When people travel all the way up to Maine they appreciate one great thing Maine has to offer, hospitality. People from Maine are friendly when a cashier asks “How are you today?” They mean it. They look into your eyes and smile with sincerity. This is not a common behavior everywhere.

If you are running a guide service, or whatever it may be, it is important to remember names, to ask them their concerns and to make sure they are comfortable. This is important to people. Remember they are on vacation, they want the most limited amount of stress possible while they are trying to have a great experience.

2: Be prepared

When people spend money on a fishing guide they are expecting to catch a fish. When people go hunting with a guide they expect to take home an animal, although, sometimes this isn’t so. Guides must be experienced. They should be prepared to work around the least ideal situations. It is important for them to schedule dates to go out accordingly to ideal conditions. It’s hard to predict these patterns and sometimes you will be forced to perform in the least ideal conditions. Going out on days by yourself and observing patterns is key. For example, a carter fisherman should go out on days they would normally not catch and attempt to do so. This will make them much more prepared for a day where the weather is not ideal because even on the least ideal days you want that customer to get the ideal experience they paid for. 

3: Look the Part


Whatever the activity is, it is important for professionals to look like pros. This means they must be using the best and most up to date gear. Backcountry ski guides should be using the most up to date skiing equipment and safety gear. Hunting guides should be wearing the proper equipment and if they have hunting dogs, they should look in shape and well-trained. If they are a fishing guide, having the proper tackle that gets the job done is important. This also goes for whitewater rafting guides with all their equipment. There are a couple of key reasons why this is very important. One is that it shows the professionals are prepared. The next reason is it shows the client that they have an idea of what they are doing. Regardless of what the business is, having the proper equipment makes a big difference and gives the client some piece of mind.

4: Capitalize on the great moments with Pictures and Video

Whether the customer has just hit their first great line on skis, shot their first big buck, or if they just caught a monster fish, it’s necessary to capitalize on these moments because it highlights what customers have been waiting for all along. Pictures and videos are a great way of doing this. For example, whitewater rafting professionals hire a photographer and a videographer on the river to capture moments of the customers experience going through the rapids. When the trip is over the customers can watch a video of themselves and hold those great experiences dear. They can even bring the video home to show friends and family. 

5: Have Fun

By showing the client that you enjoy the job you are doing makes the overall experience much more memorable. The definition of recreation is an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working. That being said, the activity at hand shouldn’t appear like work for the professional. Having fun with the clients shows them that you are truly living out your passion. Furthermore, when people are having fun all around you, this, in turn, should give the client the ability to have fun as well. This will ensure that great memories will be created. 

4 Key Elements of Visual Content on Your Social Media Site


1: Get target markets engaged in your content in less than five minutes.

In today’s world, people are busier than ever. People are constantly in a rush. Most people rarely even take the time to read the newspaper anymore. Today, visual content is one of the biggest aspects of advertising. The internet is becoming increasingly more popular every day and Youtube and Instagram are some of the most popular examples of social media. And people just find it entertaining. Today there are many companies that utilize visual content. For example, the entire RedBull Champaign is video content and people are very engaged in their commercials. In fact, their commercials have very little to do with their product. However, the biggest reason why this is a good outlet is because people can get a feeling, and make a connection to whatever it is that resonates them in less than five minutes during your lunch break.

2: It can be Humorous

One thing that I know for certain is that humor is a great way to engage people. A visual campaign that makes people laugh is a great way to get people interested in your social page. For instance, a potential target customer goes on your website and is immediately brought to a humorous video advertising your company. If this video immediately makes them laugh, it will probably create meaningful a meaningful experience for them.

3: Provides Simple Social Analytics 

The nice thing about most of these visual content pages is that they have a comment & like section for your content. Now, it may not be the most accurate representation of how people feel about your company but it will give you a rough idea of what people think of your content. For example, if your Youtube video or blog gets many dislikes you will know that you must change something up if you are not getting views. Things you may need to work on are your tags, and if people have questions in comments you can easily reply to them. This keeps your target audience feeling informed which will make them devoted to your company.

4. Video is a Popular Media Source

Remember, YouTube is a social network that comes with a pre-loaded community just waiting to see how your business can inform and entertain them. Video is a great media source. Most people use videos to learn and discover new things. With busier times come with busier people and less time for a newspaper. You can also create video blogs which may be easier for some people to do because they are uncomfortable with their writing skills. 


We live in the digital age. Video is getting increasingly popular and most people use it as a reliable media source. This source is used and will be used for time to come.

4 Free Social Media Platforms You Can Use to Promote Your Business



Twitter is a great social media platform to use to become interactive with you target market. Twitter allows you to tweet updates, news, or events surrounding your business and industry.  For example, if a business is having a sale for the holiday weekend it is hard to get that information out there. However, with Twitter, businesses can post that information and inform all of their followers quickly. Another good thing about Twitter is that it provides your business with basic Business Analytics and Bottom line metrics. This includes retweets, shares, comments, and likes that can show what content followers are interacting with the most.


One of the biggest draws in media today is based on video content. Youtube also provides its users with Bottom Line Metrics and Business Analytics. Businesses can see who and how many people are viewing their videos. It can be used as a great way to provide viewers with quick, easy, and entertaining information.  Youtube is open access so viewers do not need to have a Youtube account to view videos. This platform allows viewers to easily share content with friends and family.


Instagram is used for professional and amateur activities and it can also be used as an acceptable media outlet for your business. On Instagram you can quickly upload pictures or short videos that can promote your business. Many companies use Instagram to show off their products and “swag.”


Although Facebook is a website that is not becoming very popular among young people anymore. Facebook is also a good way to create an image for your business. People may know about your business but if they want to get more information they may search for you on Facebook. You can learn about companies values from looking at their Facebook timeline. If a businesses timeline has positive feedback their customer base could grow.

3 Reasons Why Link Rot is Hurting Your Small Business

What is Link Rot?

Link Rot is a process by which hyperlinks on individual websites or the Internet in general point to web pages, servers or other resources that have become permanently unavailable. The phrase also describes the effects of failing to update out-of-date web pages that clutter search engine results. Today we are going to focus on how link rot on your website or blog can directly affect small businesses. Here are three reasons why Link Rot is hurting your small business.

1: Its looks unprofessional

Imagine you are driving down the road and your car starts having engine problems. First, you get the stench of burning rubber in your nose, you start to see your fluid gauges go haywire, and the car is making peculiar noises. You do the first thing you can think of and pull into the closest service station. However, when you arrive at said service station it doesn’t take you more than five seconds to build up your first impressions. There is oil on the ground in the garage, the building itself needs a paint job, the mechanics don’t even give you a nod when you pull up. Just by looking at this business from the outside and noting how you feel and are treated, you have already made up your mind that this place clearly doesn’t hold themselves to the utmost professionalism that we desire.

Well, a website or blog that represents your own business may not be any different. Let us look at a slightly different scenario. This time you have not even left your driveway and your vehicle starts having mechanical difficulties. The first thing you will most likely do is go online and start doing research for a local auto mechanic. The first website you pull up is a local mechanic, the website is hard to navigate, it doesn’t look like it has been updated in years, and you’re already moving onto another web page with a more professional atmosphere. Your website or blog represents your business no differently than the building you work in. This, in turn, will make people look at everything you have done and may dismiss you as unprofessional.

2: People may think your business no longer exists

It is possible that people may visit your out of date website or sloppy blog page and figure that you went out of business. If your website has not been updated in years people may think the same about your business. Especially if your contact information is not easily available or correct, potential customers may move on.

3. 404 Error the page cannot be found

This is probably one of the most saddening things to happen to your small businesses blog or web page. Even if your web page is up to date and savvy. If people cannot find your blog page or website within a few searches they will probably give up on finding your business. There is a plethora of information on the web and we want our markets segments to have the ability to know our small business exists. This means going into as much detail on your websites so your customer segments can search for you easily.

Be thorough and make your content easily available and professional. Remember some people do judge books by their covers.