Steps to Creating a Memorable Customer experience.

Your customer’s happiness is your happiness. Giving your customer a memorable experience is your company’s key to success. How are ways to do this? One may ask…

Well, There are a few key factors your company needs to take into consideration before you will reach your final goal. These factors are known as the ‘ best practices’ a company can follow in order to succeed when delivering the service experience.

The first question to ask yourself, who even are your customers? Customer segmentation will help you understand your customers in and out. The best way to create a memorable experience is to make your customers feel moved emotionally. If you can categorize your customer segments based on their demographics, geographic’s, psychographics, and behavioral habits, you will understand how to attract your customer base effectively using your businesses best practices. When you have completed all the details of your customer segments, you can then create a customer persona. This will be a semi-fictional character of who your ideal customer will be, what they might want, how they might feel, what they might want to achieve, and if they will be satisfied with their service and more. This will allow you to know your customer and how to make them happy.

Once you know your customer, be personable! Make it about them. Deliver an experience that will make your customer feel special, let them feel as though they play an important role in the delivery of the service process. Start by establishing a smooth flow. Create a detailed and personal itinerary to let your customer become more familiar with the service layout. This will help your customers feel more comfortable and relaxed making their experience more enjoyable. Then, make sure all your staff is trained on what your company’s mission is and what kind of experience you are all delivering. This is crucial because every interaction your customer has during the service experience will make or break how they feel and what they are thinking and if they will come back for more or better yet recommend their experience to someone else.

Know what experiences make sense to your customers. Create a theme that is unique to differentiate you from your competition. The more you stand out, the more attractive your service will be. You will want to know what your core products and services will be, and who will be front stage and backstage during the service delivery process. Staying organized and on top of the details will help you run like a well-oiled machine. Know what’s in the area around you. Provide opportunities that will allow your customer to grow and become educated on the history of the area. Let your customers know where the locals go, make them feel apart of the community. This will give them more opportunities to create more memorable experiences with not just the service you provide, but with each other and the people they will meet.

Develop ways to create memorabilia, give your customers incentives and souvenirs that they can carry with them forever! Providing these kinds of things for your customers will keep their memories fresh, it will be a reminder of how your service made them feel. Stay connected with your customers through the latest marketing trends and social media platforms. Create an online world where you can give your business a little bit of character. Connecting with customers online is a great and easy way to be personal and making them feel important to you. This will build customer loyalty and service branding, all building up and adding to your customer’s memorable experience.

Evaluate the experience you are delivering and listen to your customer feedback. This is the easiest way to hear your customers out and know your service strengths and weaknesses. They are literally giving you sliced cake on a plate! Listen to your customers because they are the most valuable part of your service experience. They will let you know where your service might be slacking, or where your service is absolutely amazing. Letting your customers have a voice shows them that their opinion matters to you, everyone loves having an opinion and your customers will love sharing their opinions with you and everyone else so let them ]

Now you might be thinking “okay cool, I know everything I need to know, this should be easy”. Well, it’s not. Didn’t you hear that not everything in life comes easy ! This is one of them, it’s like trial and error or stepping up to the baseball mat to hit the ball. They give your three swings for a reason, not everyone gets the first hit and that’s okay. Things just take practice, and practice and more practice. Pay attention to all the details, every little thing counts and it’s the little things that count the most.


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